Anuhya Herbal Bath Powder, Yellow, 500 g

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  • Item model number: NA
  • Size: 500 g
  • Color: yellow
  • Item form: powder
  • Package contents: 1 herbal bath powder
  • Used for skin purifying and skin exfoliating


The product in the display measures 500 g and comes in powder form. Furthermore, package content includes 1 herbal bath powder and is used for skin purifying and skin exfoliating.anuhya herbal bath powder is a complete natural product which has no artificial flavours or chemicals. It is 100% herbal and its ayurvedic ingredients has medicinal and healing qualities making it an excellent alternative to bath soap. It is beneficial for skin irritations, sweating and other skin problems. Besides giving freshness to body it removes tan and its application makes skin smooth and silky and lightens complexion. It removes dirt from body, exfoliate dead skin and its application stimulates circulation and cleans pores and it improves skin texture and gives freedom from skin problem. The main ingredients in this bath powder acts as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and anti-bacterial properties. They act as natural bleacher, and very effective for prematuring aging of skin. They remove excessive oiliness of the skin. They help in preventing and repair damage caused to skin by uva and uvb sunrays. They lightens, whitens and tones the skin and help in smooth skin. They give excellent fragrance and acts as a natural deodorant keeping you fresh and lively. The product gives excellent results very particularly in cold climatic conditions. How to apply :: mix anuhya herbal bath powder with water and make it a paste. Apply the paste all the skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to dry such that the skin absorbs, the nutrients and aroma of the paste. Now gently scrub away the pack off the skin using small quantity of bath powder and bath with warm water. If you want a very refreshing bathing experience, apply coconut oil all your body. Allow the skin to absorb oil for some time and do the above process. Please do not use bathing soap in any stage of the above process


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